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“I help people with Anxiety, Allergies and ADHD have a better experience.”


                                 -M. Scott Hutchison


Not only is Scott international health and wellness speaker and coach, he combines his 12000 + hours of clinical experience, the knowledge of the body, science, metaphysics, energy and the human condition to help people improve their lives and heal. One on one or to a large audience, Scott draws from 25 yrs of entrepreneurship, the teachings of Dr. Donny Epstein, Tony Robbins and Rudolf Steiner. Scott's premiere coaching and strategy service "ENERGY RICH COACHING" has massive appeal to those seeking a shift and Live Energy Rich. You can - Live More : Be More : Do More. Scott has helped many people with Anxiety, Allergies and ADHD, from children to professionals, through simple congruent tactics, strategies and custom programs. When he is not giving talks locally and internationally, Scott contributes to select blogs, podcast and newsletters with a world wide reach. Reach Scott at, or 403-889-4553.

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What People are Saying About Energy Rich Coaching:

Scott was able to deliver more VALUE in a one hour session than many can deliver over an extended period of time. He comes in the 'Back Door' and gives you profound, precise and unpredictable insights that give you a jolt and hope that you can truly live a MORE ENERGY RICH LIFE! I will be unpacking the insights as they apply to my life and business for some time to come!

- Bill in North Carolina, USA

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