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"I'm very happy at Elan Wellness Centre. I'm always learning new things and they are very warm and welcoming. My children are always welcome and have been treated there as well. Everything is explained to me and I'm not rushed around without understanding what is going on. I look forward to attending more evening events and learning about more of their services." ~Leah

​"It (NSA) is not invasive, and it really works. I used to have a chronic dizziness that has now gone away." ~Kelli

"I came to see Dr.Juell about my sciatic pain and lower back pain. I was having difficulty walking (which I love to do!) and was feeling pain, achiness, numbness and discomfort when I first arrived. Now it's gone and I can walk again without fatigue or pain. I'm also sleeping much better and feeling lighter and more relaxed. I feel more positive and happy, with way more energy to do things." ~Kim

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