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Gateway to Wellness

Designed for new practice members under chiropractic care.  Learn how you can have less pain, improved response to stress, more ease of movement, better sleep, and greater quality of life... just a few of the benefits noted by our practice members!


Facilitated by both Dr. Josephene Juell 

12 Stages of Healing

An integral and complimentary part of network care! Learn how these Body-Breath exercises can help your care and give you strategies for your home-care.


Facilitated by Dr. Josephene Juell and Scott Hutchison.

The Bridge

Taking you from where you are to where you want to be... Join Dr. Josephene Juell for this evening workshop as he delves into the inter-workings of how all our programs at Elan Family Wellness work hand in hand in order to bring you to your very best potential.

Facilitated by Dr. Josephene Juell.

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